My Revolution

Why do people feel the need to pressurize others just because society says it should be a certain way?  We are expected to live up to all sorts of expectations and rules.  According to society standards you’re meant to be coupled, married and having children by a certain age or there is something wrong with you.  By a certain age your are meant to be stable in some mundane career that makes you miserable but you stand it cause in the eyes of society you’ve made it.

Well I don’t think I conform to any of these standards…and to be honest I don’t want to.  Life is so much more than just the norm.  I’m 28 years old and I’ve been dating the love of my life since I was 18.  No we are not engaged and are in no real rush to get married or to have children.  And not because either of us don’t want that…we do…just not now.  Yes it may seem SHOCKING to some…but I don’t really care…I’m happy…isn’t that all that matters after all.  I have a younger sister who has married and has a child on the way…well good for her…her choice after all.  Unfortunately I am now being looked at to make the next move into this “normal” way of life…and I find myself resenting society’s part in this.

I currently work for the bank of Athens and while it’s a good job that pays well…it is not where my passions lie and so once again I refuse to accept that this is it.  I run my photography business on the side while at the same time running my own online magazine.  I love the  feeling of doing something that comes naturally to me…something that makes me happy while I’m doing it…not frustrated and bored.  While I’m not stupid enough to simply leave a job that is paying me a steady salary…I’m also not crazy enough to accept that it’s the be all and end all and working hard to make my own path so that I don’t have to work for anyone else one of these fine days.

The point is…I LOVE my life.   Every aspect of it…because everything I’m doing is my choice alone.  Society has no say in the way I live.

I am rebelling…I’m making my own way in this world…No boundaries…no rules! 😉
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