People at the “Top”

During my magazines short lifetime I have already been privy to some odd & frustrating encounters.  I am sure it kind of comes with the territory but this is my blog so I get to vent a little here.

People at the “top” are a tricky bunch to figure out.  I guess you could call it “stuck up”…it’s really hard to label and it doesn’t at all apply to everyone who is successful…but unfortunately there are the few that feel they are far above any other human being past and present.  lol.  I have experienced some very high pedestals.  I’ve had people approach me to be featured in the magazine (which we love by the way…especially if your talented and South African)  and then start telling me how I should structure the way the magazine is run.  Don’t get me wrong, I am totally open to constructive crit…it is after all the first magazine I have ever started up and continue to build but when you are just one of those people who believe that you’re the greatest invention since the lightbulb and you just know exactly how to successfully run any business even though you have never had any dealings with the craziness that is the running of a business or in this case a magazine…that….yes that will annoy me.  Clearly the magazine attracted the attention of these wonderful individuals…otherwise why ask to be featured…right?  Well who really knows.

From being too big for your own boots to being just plain money mad.  We get a lot of requests for features, photography work and modelling work, and appreciate each offer greatly.   At the moment everyone who contributes to Trend Frenzy do it pro bono because each of them are helping me to build the magazine up from its infant stages.  We don’t make money out of the magazine yet…it’s still too new and we’re working to get it to print at which stage everyone will make their money.   There are the crazy few that approach for feature editorials…yes…FREE exposure…that then want to charge us for their mere presence in the mag.  hahahaha….I find that pretty hilarious.    I realise we are not that well-known yet…but really…I didn’t know about you before you presented yourself to me.

Yes…it takes all kinds at the top.  Hopefully when myself and my awesome team reach the top…and we will…we’ll be a little more grounded than all that. 

“The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.”  Author Unknown  😉

“The reason we never see ourselves as others see us is that we’d never believe what we saw.”


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