Modelling 101


I’ve been a part time Photographic model for about 7 years now and as glamorous as it all may sound I thought I’d share some of my experiences with those of you who may be interested. I have always loved being in front of the camera but modelling was not something I just one day decided I wanted to be part of. I was bitten by the modelling bug 7 years ago when I was “scouted” by a modelling agency in Rivoinia. Unfortunately they were one of those fly by nights agency’s and I ended up spending thousands on joining fees and photoshoots but if they left me with nothing it was my new found love for modelling. From there I went onto to entering a couple modelling competitions and started my training at a modelling school. Although I was taught both photographic modelling & Ramp…I am too short for the catwalk but fell nicely into my role as a photographic model.

If there is one message any aspiring models take from this it should be that not everyone out there is genuinely interested in helping your carreer, so don’t join agency’s that charge exorbitant joining fees and photoshoot charges and make sure that if you are approached by photographers that you check their references. While I have been lucky enough to avoid any bad episodes with photographers, I know of lots of girls who have had some bad experiences that could have been avoided.

After my “agency” episode I moved on as a freelance model and joined a few good online modelling networks, which helped both in building experience and a decent portfolio.

Check them out:

Before this I was always looking for someone to give me the title “model” but realised later on that if I wanted it the title was mine…especially since I was so active as a model. So remember girls & guys, you don’t need an agency to tell you that you are or are not a model…the choice is yours and if you work at it hard enough you can be whatever you want to be. Just make sure that if you call yourself a model that you at least have a portfolio and some experience to back it. There are too many girls out there who label themselves with no backing…that’s just annoying.

The South African modelling industry is extremely tough to break into. I think that’s mostly due to the fact that we don’t have as big a market for it as the Americans do…however it is growing and there are more and more opportunity’s opening up. So don’t let this statement put you off. While I haven’t ever really made huge money off my modelling I did it more for the love of being in front of the camera. Modelling builds self confidence for sure and always leads to other interests and ventures. I ended up getting behind the camera which I absolutely love. Some models go the make-up artist route and a couple end up with their own events company’s & agency’s. My point is that you never really know where you’ll end up but if you have what it takes to get in front of the lense, I say do it…you’ll never reget the choice. 😉 I sure didn’t.

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