Do you ever wonder how other people see you?  I think about it sometimes, maybe more than most because I put myself out there a little more than most.  Posting pictures galore on facebook, entering competitions ect.  It leaves a lot of room for people to judge and while most will only say something if they have something nice to say…there are the few who don’t care and will give their nasty opinions without a second thought.   And I guess that’s ok…everyone is entitled to their opinion.  And I am entitled to either take it to heart or toss it.

I just sometimes have to wonder if our perception of ourselves could be a little skewed at times.  It’s a fair question don’t you think?   All of us should ask ourselves this at some point I believe…it does keep a person grounded.  It also helps us to better ourselves where we can.  We also must keep in mind that while people may tell you nice things, they are not all true friends and may not be telling the honest truth.  That’s society for you…be polite not honest right?  😉  No body’s perfect…not on the outside or the inside for that matter.   I most certainly don’t think I’m perfect…confident…yes most of the time…but perfect no.

Then there’s also the fact that beauty is not seen the same way through everyone’s eyes.  What I may find beautiful another person may not and vice versa.  And then you can also take into account all the other arguments….like beauty is only skin deep, don’t ever let anyone tell you your not beautiful etcetera…etcetera…etcetera . 

Whatever…this blog is not about all that…it’s about feeling confident and good in your own skin…it’s about feeling so strongly that you are beautiful enough from the inside that it shines through on the outside…that nasty comments don’t phase you, but I do believe before that is achieved…you have to ask yourself the difficult questions.  At the end of the day confidence is beautiful but vanity is not.  😉


One thought on “Perception

  1. Michael says:

    Sometimes people are driven by what other people think of them. They cannot function if other people don’t like them or say nasty things about them. I truly believe it is not a matter of how other people see you but is how you see yourself. If you are confident and believe in yourself it does not matter what other people think or say. In most cases if people say nasty thing about other people it is because the have insecurities within themselves and they try to project that insecurities so the can feel better about themselves. Live life to the fullest and if somebody is not happy with that so what as long as you as an individual is happy in what you are doing.

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