I don’t know about you but I am feeling the effects of this very busy year.  I am just exhausted but as much as I’d love to take off for a month and chill, for me it’s just not possible this year.  So for the first  year in about 4 years I am working through the December holiday period…it seemed like a really good idea at the time.  I figured since the office will be like a ghost town I would be able to go at my own pace and rather take some well deserved rest in February or March in the new year instead.

While work has definitely quietened down…it has certainly not helped my energy levels at all.  With less to do I now find I’m struggling  to get through the very boring and totally uneventful days of December.  :p   I’m starting to long for a summer road trip, the Cape Town beach’s…the sun and hell yeah even the wind I’d be cool with, vineyards & copious amounts of wine just for fun, seeing my family and that overall feeling of freedom and winding down for the year.  Sigh.  Alas…I  am here and trying to make the best of it all.

Keeping my mind on the fact that time does fly and Feb will be here in no time & with it my escape from  the beginning of the new year wind up…which I do believe will have all my colleagues spitting blood with jealousy when  they all have to stay behind and deal with the madness that the beginning of the year brings with it.

While I’m sure I am in the minority of people working this December ..myself and the other unlucky few will keep the economy running smoothly until everyone is back in January.  Then when the rest of you suckers have long forgotten your wonderful December holiday…I’ll be on my way to sun and sand and posting all my fantastic holiday pics to make you sour.  LOL!  Yeah…I’m totally jealous..I’m big enough to admit it.  hahaha

P.S… If your going away please do enjoy and stay safe.  Till next time.  😉

Pics from my 2011 December Holiday… Nostalgic much?   Yip!




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