Magical Relationships – Day3

Imagine if you were the only person on Earth; you would have no desire to do anything.  What would be the point in creating a painting if no one could see it?  What would be the point in composing music if no one could hear it?  There would be no reason to move from one place to another because wherever you went would be the same as where you were…no one would be there.

It’s your contact and experiences with other people that gives your life joy, meaning and purpose.  Because of that, your relationships affect your life more than anything else.  To receive the life of your dreams, it’s vital that you understand how your relationships affect your life now, and how they are the most powerful channels for gratitude to start magically changing your life.

Gratitude makes relationships flourish.  As you increase your gratitude for any relationship, you magically receive an abundance of happiness and good things in that relationship.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”  Thornton Wilder (1897-1975

Words are very powerful, so when you complain about any person you actually harm your life. It is your life that will suffer.  By the law of attraction whatever you think or say about another person, you bring to you.  This is the very reason why the greatest minds and teachers of the world have told us to be grateful.  They knew that for you to receive more in your life, for your life to magically increase, you have to be grateful for others just as they are.

Today’s magical practice is being grateful for people just as they are!  Even if all of your relationships are currently good, they will increase with more magnificence through this practice.   And with everything you find to be grateful for in each person you will see gratitude perform it’s breathtaking magic.

CHOOSE 3 OF YOUR CLOSEST RELATIONSHIPS to be grateful for.  Find a photograph of each of the three people you have chosen.  Sit down and think about the things you are most grateful for about each person.  What do you love most about the person, what are their best qualities?  Then write down the 5 things you are most grateful for.

Thank you, their name, for what?

Keep their photo’s somewhere you can see them for the rest of the day and remember what your thankful for every time you look at their photo.

Source:  The Secret – The Magic

I have so many relationships to be grateful for but these are the 3 people I chose to be grateful for today…

Marcello Ciavaglia – Fiance


Thank you Marcello for Loving me for me.  For being the best fiance and friend a girl can have or ever dream of.  Thank you for your honesty…, I know that I can be stubborn at times and don’t like to listen to reason or criticism but your honesty keeps me grounded and I can trust that you always have my best interests in mind.

I love that I can trust you with my life and my heart.  Your love has never faltered.   I love your energy and your determination.  I so admire your work ethic and your constant get up and go attitude.  You have the ability to make me laugh…at any moment…even when I’m sulking about something.  hehehe

I love your hugs!   I love that we can go anywhere in the world just the two of us and be perfectly content in each others company.  Our silent moments are never awkward.  Even after 11 years we never run out of things to talk about.

I love that your always the first to stand up and defend my honor…no matter who it’s against.  Thank you for being my rock and thank you for giving me the most fulfilling relationship and love I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.

I love that you love animals & I love that behind that sometimes tough guy exterior you have a heart of gold.

I could not have dreamed up a better man if I tried, I am truly blessed.

Cherie Galinos – My mom


Thanks mom for always being my life long confidant.  Thank you for always being my shoulder to cry on when life didn’t go quite the way I planned and for talking sense into me when I got a bad idea  in my head.  I know I can be stubborn.  hehehe

Thank you for the best childhood that a child could ever ask for.  You gave Je’taime and I the best you could give always and you still continue to do so.

Thank you for the morals and manners you instilled in me.  And even though I never would have thought I’d be thankful for this…but thank you for being as strict and stern as you were, you kept me out of so much trouble you have no idea.  😉

Thank you for teaching me how to be an independent, stong willed young women with the same amount of compassion and caring that you showed me.

I admire your kindness most of all.  You are by far the most forgiving, caring person I know.   You are so selfless in all you do and never stop giving even when your efforts are not reciprocated or appreciated.

Mark Hung – My Friend


Thank you Mark for being such a good friend.  You are always willing to go out of your way to help wherever you can…even if it means you have to drive miles to do so.  😉

I have always admired your selflessness, your determination and your drive.  You are thoughtful and caring and put your friends and family before your own needs always.

I love your ability to laugh at yourself…life is so much easier when you don’t take yourself too seriously.  I am thankful for your logical mind…because when I am drowning in my creative chaos you are able to put things in order.  😉

I  love that no matter what is going on in your life you are always smiling and able to make light of the situation.

I am grateful for a true friend who I can rely on no matter what…it is truly a rare thing.

And that is my relationship gratitude for the day!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


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