10 Simple Rules to eating healthy & Kicking the fat trap

ImageSimple Rules of engagement…

Most eating plans will always throw you in the deep end by giving you an overload of calorie counting and food options, I’m not going to do that.  There are a few simple rules that I have found work if you stick to them religiously.  I’m am giving you this information because it is the basis to the way I keep to a healthy way of living and eating.  Grasp them and you won’t even need to follow a strict menu…you’ll have the basic knowledge to know what to eat when. 

Rule #1…Don’t starve yourself!

Starving your body will just cause it to store more fat than you’ll loose.  Our bodies are smart…we are built to be survivors…so if you put your body on rations it will store so that it has enough to live off of and keep you going.  If you are hungry…eat something.  Just make sure it’s not something unhealthy from the snack machine or greasy from a fast food joint.  😉

Rule #2…Learn to know the difference between hunger & thirst

I know it sounds ridiculous  but once you become more aware of it you’ll see how it changes your eating habits.  So if you start feeling a little hungry, try downing a big glass of water…wait 10 minutes and if you still feel hungry then by all means have something to eat.

Rule #3…Know the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger

Be more aware of your feelings…stress, sadness, anxiety can all cause us to eat for the sake of eating and we usually start craving comfort foods…eat an apple instead.  😉

Rule#4….Watch your portion sizes & Slow down

Use a smaller plate…it may seem silly but it’s no lie that the bigger the plate the more we feel the need to fill it.  And then we eat so fast that before our body is able to register that it’s full we have polished off every morsel.  Remember to eat slower…chew your food properly.  That way you  will be better equipped to stop eating when you feel full and not over do it.    

Rule #5…Become a Snacker

This does not mean that you can nibble all day on sweets and junk.  What I mean by this is quite simply eat smaller meals more frequently.  So instead of 3 big meals a day, rather eat 6 smaller ones.  Why is this beneficial…well quite simply it means that your blood sugar will be kept stable throughout the day and therefore you won’t go through highs and lows of hunger spikes.  😉  Plus it’s a super way of getting the lazy metabolism into overdrive.  Remember the first rule?…Don’t starve your body?…well, when you starve your body it stores and the opposite is true when feed your body constantly throughout the day.  Because your body is getting a constant supply of food it doesn’t have a need to store…so instead it burns.  Yay!  😉

Rule #6…Drink lots of water

Not only will your hair, skin and mind thank you…but your body will benefit greatly from it as well.  Your liver plays a huge role in how your body deals with waste and fat stores.  In order for it to get rid of impurities it needs water…simple.   So…6 to 8 glasses a day people, make it a habit.  😉

Rule  #7…No Carbs after 12

Carbohydrates are necessary…your body needs it for energy and it’s not a good thing to remove them from your diet completely.  The trick is to eat them earlier in the day so that your body has time to burn them as energy.  So…have some health bread in the morning with your breakfast and feel free to have a potato or some rice at lunch. 

Rule #8…Keep Supper Simple

Lean meat, chicken or fish with a side of veg.  That’s it.  I don’t know why people feel the need to complicate it…it really is that simple.  No carbs at night…but all other veg is free game.  Also try to have fish at least twice a week.

Rule #9…Cook Clean

Frying food in oil is bad for you.  It may be quicker but it definitely will not help that waistline.  Learn to cook your food clean.  If you must go for the frying option use spray n cook or no more than a tea spoon of olive oil.  Try to opt for grilling, boiling or steaming your food rather as much as possible.  

Rule #10…Not all fats are bad

We’ve had it drilled into our heads for century’s that fat is bad for us…and in most cases it is but there are fats that aid the body and they shouldn’t be completely erased from our diets.  Avo’s and oily fish like salmon, sardines and tuna are a great source of healthy fat and they can actually aid your body in burning fat and protect you from illness.  

That’s it…10 simple rules to live by.  😉  Keep an eye out for my next blog where I will give you my summer eating plan.


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