My all time favorite author

I absolutely love Stephen King…the man just knows how to right a story that gets me completely sucked in from the first paragraph. Why do I love these sorts of story’s…I guess it’s because they speak true to the fears we all have. But it’s written about a fictional character surrounded by the supernatural which works as a filter or haze between the believable and the not so believable. Which in turn allows you to look at the fears we all have from an outside perspective.

Or maybe Stephen King said it best… “The great appeal of horror fiction through the ages is that it serves as a rehearsal for our own deaths.”

Morbid…maybe…but so true. How many of you slow down to take a look at car accidents?….these stories are kind of like that…you can’t help wanting to sneak a morbid peak….or in this case reading on…it’s kind of like that.

It’s not for everyone…I know but this Genre intrigues me…keeps me enthralled, nose in the book, on the edge of my seat kind of stuff. Nothing a quant romance novel has ever or could ever do in quite the same way.


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