Modelling as an Art

I recently posted a series of images to facebook that I helped to create with a very talented, artistic & totally out the box photographer and the responses I received made me realise a couple of things.  One being…unless you are wearing next to nothing, propped in the all too familiar FHM type poses, as a female model you are going to get very little positive attention and feedback.  I also came to the realisation that people get offended very quickly by small things…a prop…in this case…a cigarette.  Which kind of makes me want to do more photoshoots portraying some of society’s taboos…yes…I like to rock the boat.  😉  Thirdly, I noticed that a photograph I thought would stir up a conversation…an image with a bit of a shock factor…didn’t shock nearly as much as the images of me holding a cigarette.   Crazy but true.   Let me elaborate each point for you.

I have been a part time model for the good part of 7 years.  Like so many girls in SA I have gone down the Glamour modelling route and I have taken part in many of the FHM competitions ect.  It seems that South Africa has a bigger market for this kind of modelling than fashion…and since FHM offers girls the opportunity to make a name for herself without having to be represented by agency’s ect, with all their’s the obvious way to go.  There’s nothing wrong with Glamour modeling when done tastefully.  The problem arises when you want to diversify you’re portfolio…Let’s just say it would  be nice to have as many comments and feedback on images that don’t involve too much skin.

I also just feel that where photographic modelling used  to be an art…it has been watered down by all the same old mundane “how hot can I look” kind of image.  Yes it has it’s place…as a women we all want to be seen as sexy…however…what ever happened to beautiful…what ever happened to the image that captured you with more than HOT?  Does society no longer enjoy an image that pulls you in, makes you think…why?…and keeps you coming back.  What happened to loving the art of it all?

I posted these two images…One being what they call “Medical Fashion Photography” and the other a fashion image with a cigarette as a prop.  And boy was I shocked at which one pulled the audiences attention more than the other!

Braces are Beautiful Series

Braces are Beautiful Series


The comments confused me somewhat.  I honestly thought that the shot with the headgear would have more people talking.  Thought that the mere site of me in this vice would stir up some kind of emotion and while it got fair comment and some very positive ones at that, I guess I was just expecting more.  This is definitely not your run of the mill image…it’s an image of something that most people would much rather avoid ever having to wear.  Something I myself would not particularly like to show off in public.  From experience it is not a comfortable get up and anyone who has had to wear one for actual medical reasons would probably say they hated the thing.  So for these reasons I thought it would evoke more.





Then there’s the fashion image with the cigarette…this is only one from the series.  I have actually posted another but both got much the same reaction.   TABOO!   More people were shocked at this image than at the previous.  It’s kind of mind boggling.  Now I know that tobacco advertising has been band and that smoking is bad for you’re health ect…in fact I am not a smoker.  I agree that it’s a horrid habit that people struggle to quit.  However…as a model…sometimes to make an image great we add props.  I received comments questioning my integrity.  hahaha…honestly.   People said it was not attractive and other’s disagreed.  All in all…I loved the emotions it stirred up  because it meant that for a change people were looking beyond the skin and were discussing the image.  It provoked thought.  I may not have agreed with all the comments but I surprisingly enjoyed that people were looking past simply what I look like and more at the image as a whole.

So now I’m keen to do more…I am enjoying the shock tactics.  hahaha


All in all I have come to the realisation that bondage and seeing people in metal vices has become ok and things that once were fashionable and now taboo causes a stir.  LOL…I am excited at this new era…and I am going to play on this a little more in the near future just because I can!  😀

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That Dreaded Scale!!

I get cold sweats just thinking about stepping onto a scale.  It is the one piece of equipment that can totally demoralise and demotivate even the most avid fitness conscious person.  Why the sudden and definitive statement you may ask…well…I’ll let you in on the cause for my absolute hatred for that horrid little piece of useless wast of space.

The scale and I have had a long drawn out Love/Hate relationship…well we’re breaking up for good this time.  I have never been an overweight person but I have never been the type of person who could eat just about anything and not start to pick up weight…so in short I have always been careful and made sure that I never went past a certain weight.   Everyone who knows me will tell you that I’m an avid gym bunny…and they wouldn’t be far off, however it has taken me years to learn or rather figure out what really works for me in the gym and I have had lapses of laziness where I have fallen off the workout bus.  So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not perfect at the whole gym game.

Recently I decided that I’m tired of being medioca…I’m turning 30 this year and I want the body of my dreams before my metabolism slows down to an absolute screeching holt and I find myself disappointed that I never got to experience what it feels like to have a lean, perfectly trimmed & sexy fisique.  So I have set goals for myself and I have been on a healthy balanced eating plan. plus I have been working out daily for the past 2 months.  I used the health zone scale at the Virgin Active at the beginning of my training so that I would have a record of where I started.  Well to my absolute disgust I found that my weight has gone up instead of down!  The first thoughts that raced through my mind were…”great, all that hard work and for what?” …”I felt like I was looking better and felt better in my clothes…maybe I was fooling myself”.   A wave of disappointment and despair rushed over me and all I wanted to do at this point was go home to sit on the couch, eat the biggest chocolate I could get my hands on and cry.

During my drive home I started to come to my senses though.  The scale is never an accurate reading and probably not the best tool to use to measure your progress and I say this for the following reasons.

firstly, muscle is heavier than fat…so if your working out your going to burn away the fat and build muscle instead or if you are very new to working out this is probably what is happening…

“when you first start resistance training one of the first thing that happens is that insulin sensitivity increases in the muscle cell.  this occurs when the number of glut-4 transporters increase on the exterior of the muscle cell which increases nutrient uptake, namely in the form of glucose which is converted to glycogen.  when the body stores excess glucose water is also stored at the ratio of about 1:3-1:4.  so for every molecule of glycogen the body stores 3-4 molecules of water. this typically makes the muscles look more full and most mistake this initial weight gain for muscle but it is not.  it can take those new to resistance training many, many months before there is an actual increase in muscle mass, if they are lifting heavy enough with the right diet.  this is one of the reasons why tracking the body fat % is more important than the bodyweight.  when you track the body fat % you know exactly where gains and losses on the scale are occurring, instead of guessing which unfortunately most people do…Source(s):BS Exercise Science IFPA Certified Master Trainer”

Regardless of this, my second point will affect your scale reading no matter what weight you are…if you weigh yourself on an empty stomach, in the morning and then at a later date you forget and you jump on there after a meal, at night…the result will not be accurate.  It may sound silly…I don’t know about the rest of you…but for me every gram counts!  Another mistake…which is the one I made last night is to climb on the scale after a workout, in the evening after eating all day.  Why?….simple….during a workout you consume a lot of water and your muscles are heavier after they have been pummelled  with a vigorous workout, plus you consume liquids and food all day and all of this effect the reading on the scale.  So like the piece above…it’s probably best to track your body fat% instead of your weight.

I like the measuring tape for more accurate results as well.  Measure yourself before you start your fitness mission so you have a foundation to base your results on.  Thankfully I did this when I started and even after my horrible scale ordeal…after measuring myself I found that I had not been fooling myself and that the results are definitely there.

So in closing…the scale is not your friend!  If you must use it, do so first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  And remember…it’s not an exact science…so don’t let it demotivate you…sometimes the most accurate judge of weight loss is you…when your losing or firming up you will be the first to notice…everytime.  😉


Do you ever wonder how other people see you?  I think about it sometimes, maybe more than most because I put myself out there a little more than most.  Posting pictures galore on facebook, entering competitions ect.  It leaves a lot of room for people to judge and while most will only say something if they have something nice to say…there are the few who don’t care and will give their nasty opinions without a second thought.   And I guess that’s ok…everyone is entitled to their opinion.  And I am entitled to either take it to heart or toss it.

I just sometimes have to wonder if our perception of ourselves could be a little skewed at times.  It’s a fair question don’t you think?   All of us should ask ourselves this at some point I believe…it does keep a person grounded.  It also helps us to better ourselves where we can.  We also must keep in mind that while people may tell you nice things, they are not all true friends and may not be telling the honest truth.  That’s society for you…be polite not honest right?  😉  No body’s perfect…not on the outside or the inside for that matter.   I most certainly don’t think I’m perfect…confident…yes most of the time…but perfect no.

Then there’s also the fact that beauty is not seen the same way through everyone’s eyes.  What I may find beautiful another person may not and vice versa.  And then you can also take into account all the other arguments….like beauty is only skin deep, don’t ever let anyone tell you your not beautiful etcetera…etcetera…etcetera . 

Whatever…this blog is not about all that…it’s about feeling confident and good in your own skin…it’s about feeling so strongly that you are beautiful enough from the inside that it shines through on the outside…that nasty comments don’t phase you, but I do believe before that is achieved…you have to ask yourself the difficult questions.  At the end of the day confidence is beautiful but vanity is not.  😉

Modelling 101


I’ve been a part time Photographic model for about 7 years now and as glamorous as it all may sound I thought I’d share some of my experiences with those of you who may be interested. I have always loved being in front of the camera but modelling was not something I just one day decided I wanted to be part of. I was bitten by the modelling bug 7 years ago when I was “scouted” by a modelling agency in Rivoinia. Unfortunately they were one of those fly by nights agency’s and I ended up spending thousands on joining fees and photoshoots but if they left me with nothing it was my new found love for modelling. From there I went onto to entering a couple modelling competitions and started my training at a modelling school. Although I was taught both photographic modelling & Ramp…I am too short for the catwalk but fell nicely into my role as a photographic model.

If there is one message any aspiring models take from this it should be that not everyone out there is genuinely interested in helping your carreer, so don’t join agency’s that charge exorbitant joining fees and photoshoot charges and make sure that if you are approached by photographers that you check their references. While I have been lucky enough to avoid any bad episodes with photographers, I know of lots of girls who have had some bad experiences that could have been avoided.

After my “agency” episode I moved on as a freelance model and joined a few good online modelling networks, which helped both in building experience and a decent portfolio.

Check them out:

Before this I was always looking for someone to give me the title “model” but realised later on that if I wanted it the title was mine…especially since I was so active as a model. So remember girls & guys, you don’t need an agency to tell you that you are or are not a model…the choice is yours and if you work at it hard enough you can be whatever you want to be. Just make sure that if you call yourself a model that you at least have a portfolio and some experience to back it. There are too many girls out there who label themselves with no backing…that’s just annoying.

The South African modelling industry is extremely tough to break into. I think that’s mostly due to the fact that we don’t have as big a market for it as the Americans do…however it is growing and there are more and more opportunity’s opening up. So don’t let this statement put you off. While I haven’t ever really made huge money off my modelling I did it more for the love of being in front of the camera. Modelling builds self confidence for sure and always leads to other interests and ventures. I ended up getting behind the camera which I absolutely love. Some models go the make-up artist route and a couple end up with their own events company’s & agency’s. My point is that you never really know where you’ll end up but if you have what it takes to get in front of the lense, I say do it…you’ll never reget the choice. 😉 I sure didn’t.

P.S…If you have a moment please visit my FHM page and click the Facebook “Like” button at the top of my page.  You need to be using Firefox or Google Chrome in order to see the button, internet exlporer doesn’t work.  It’s the first time I’m entering FHM models so your support would be appreciated.   😀

Link Below:

The Trend Frenzy Magazine Team gives 67 minutes for Mandela Day

There really is no better feeling in the world than being able to help others less fortunate than ourselves.  I believe that if you are blessed enough in this life to have nice things, a good education, a good job and the means to live a comfortable life you should share your blessings with those who are not as lucky as yourself.  No amount of money can buy the amazing feeling that comes from doing good for someone else.  Even the smallest contribution makes the world of difference.

The Trend Frenzy team…Marcello Ciavaglia, Christopher Maider, Mark Hung, Michelle Faber, Shaun Faber, Anu Mantri, and myself (Carla)…all met up at innisfree park on Sunday morning the 17th July to take part in the Cheesekids Mandela day Event sponsored by Old Mutual and 5fm.  For most of us it was the first time we had taken part in this particular event and I think I can safely say that none of us regret the time spent.

On arrival we handed in our forms and collected our T-shirts, then headed off towards the busses that were going to take us to our chosen activity’s for the day.   After much deliberation we all finally decided on an activity which included painting, computer training & reading.  Although our bus driver got completely lost we finally arrived at The Kliptown Youth Village in the South of Johannesburg.  This Youth village is situated in the middle of a shanty town and as we disembarked the bus and walked down the path between the shacks we were welcomed and greeted by the residents. 

Once we arrived at the Youth centre we were briefed on what they do there.  Amongst other things this centre provides a place for children to come and take part in extra lessons & computer training.  They also work to get their brightest students scholarships with American schools.  

We then split up into groups, some of the Trend Frenzy team opted to help paint the centre and the rest of us…including myself…went off to help some of the children with their reading.  The little girl I sat with was still too small to read on her own so I read to her and as we went along I helped her with English words for things she saw and pointed at in the pictures.  The beauty of it all was that she ended up teaching me a little of her language as well.  hehehe It’s amazing how in giving to her she gave so much back and it is an experience I will not soon forget.

After our 67minutes were up we said our goodbyes after watching a show by some of the kids.  They danced a fantastic Gum boot dance for us to say thanks.   Just being able to be there and help was enough for us but the show just humbled us all a little more.

Once we were all on the bus we headed back to Innisfree park where there was a free live concert.  I headed home after the bus drive but a few of our team stayed for the show.  The line-up was definitely a star studded one and includes groups like Goodluck, The Muffinz, Zebra & Girrafe, Khuli Chana, AKA, Tidal Wave, HHP & Siph Hotsticks.

We will definitely take part in this awe-inspiring event again next year without a doubt and we hope that you will take the time out to do the same.  A big thanks to Cheeskids, Old Mutual & 5fm for all their efforts and giving us as individuals the means to do something amazing.

Trend Frenzy is definitely not done giving…so be sure to watch our FB page and the mag for future events.  😉

People at the “Top”

During my magazines short lifetime I have already been privy to some odd & frustrating encounters.  I am sure it kind of comes with the territory but this is my blog so I get to vent a little here.

People at the “top” are a tricky bunch to figure out.  I guess you could call it “stuck up”…it’s really hard to label and it doesn’t at all apply to everyone who is successful…but unfortunately there are the few that feel they are far above any other human being past and present.  lol.  I have experienced some very high pedestals.  I’ve had people approach me to be featured in the magazine (which we love by the way…especially if your talented and South African)  and then start telling me how I should structure the way the magazine is run.  Don’t get me wrong, I am totally open to constructive crit…it is after all the first magazine I have ever started up and continue to build but when you are just one of those people who believe that you’re the greatest invention since the lightbulb and you just know exactly how to successfully run any business even though you have never had any dealings with the craziness that is the running of a business or in this case a magazine…that….yes that will annoy me.  Clearly the magazine attracted the attention of these wonderful individuals…otherwise why ask to be featured…right?  Well who really knows.

From being too big for your own boots to being just plain money mad.  We get a lot of requests for features, photography work and modelling work, and appreciate each offer greatly.   At the moment everyone who contributes to Trend Frenzy do it pro bono because each of them are helping me to build the magazine up from its infant stages.  We don’t make money out of the magazine yet…it’s still too new and we’re working to get it to print at which stage everyone will make their money.   There are the crazy few that approach for feature editorials…yes…FREE exposure…that then want to charge us for their mere presence in the mag.  hahahaha….I find that pretty hilarious.    I realise we are not that well-known yet…but really…I didn’t know about you before you presented yourself to me.

Yes…it takes all kinds at the top.  Hopefully when myself and my awesome team reach the top…and we will…we’ll be a little more grounded than all that. 

“The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.”  Author Unknown  😉

“The reason we never see ourselves as others see us is that we’d never believe what we saw.”

My Revolution

Why do people feel the need to pressurize others just because society says it should be a certain way?  We are expected to live up to all sorts of expectations and rules.  According to society standards you’re meant to be coupled, married and having children by a certain age or there is something wrong with you.  By a certain age your are meant to be stable in some mundane career that makes you miserable but you stand it cause in the eyes of society you’ve made it.

Well I don’t think I conform to any of these standards…and to be honest I don’t want to.  Life is so much more than just the norm.  I’m 28 years old and I’ve been dating the love of my life since I was 18.  No we are not engaged and are in no real rush to get married or to have children.  And not because either of us don’t want that…we do…just not now.  Yes it may seem SHOCKING to some…but I don’t really care…I’m happy…isn’t that all that matters after all.  I have a younger sister who has married and has a child on the way…well good for her…her choice after all.  Unfortunately I am now being looked at to make the next move into this “normal” way of life…and I find myself resenting society’s part in this.

I currently work for the bank of Athens and while it’s a good job that pays well…it is not where my passions lie and so once again I refuse to accept that this is it.  I run my photography business on the side while at the same time running my own online magazine.  I love the  feeling of doing something that comes naturally to me…something that makes me happy while I’m doing it…not frustrated and bored.  While I’m not stupid enough to simply leave a job that is paying me a steady salary…I’m also not crazy enough to accept that it’s the be all and end all and working hard to make my own path so that I don’t have to work for anyone else one of these fine days.

The point is…I LOVE my life.   Every aspect of it…because everything I’m doing is my choice alone.  Society has no say in the way I live.

I am rebelling…I’m making my own way in this world…No boundaries…no rules! 😉
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