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Modelling as an Art

I recently posted a series of images to facebook that I helped to create with a very talented, artistic & totally out the box photographer and the responses I received made me realise a couple of things.  One being…unless you are wearing next to nothing, propped in the all too familiar FHM type poses, as a female model you are going to get very little positive attention and feedback.  I also came to the realisation that people get offended very quickly by small things…a prop…in this case…a cigarette.  Which kind of makes me want to do more photoshoots portraying some of society’s taboos…yes…I like to rock the boat.  😉  Thirdly, I noticed that a photograph I thought would stir up a conversation…an image with a bit of a shock factor…didn’t shock nearly as much as the images of me holding a cigarette.   Crazy but true.   Let me elaborate each point for you.

I have been a part time model for the good part of 7 years.  Like so many girls in SA I have gone down the Glamour modelling route and I have taken part in many of the FHM competitions ect.  It seems that South Africa has a bigger market for this kind of modelling than fashion…and since FHM offers girls the opportunity to make a name for herself without having to be represented by agency’s ect, with all their rules..it’s the obvious way to go.  There’s nothing wrong with Glamour modeling when done tastefully.  The problem arises when you want to diversify you’re portfolio…Let’s just say it would  be nice to have as many comments and feedback on images that don’t involve too much skin.

I also just feel that where photographic modelling used  to be an art…it has been watered down by all the same old mundane “how hot can I look” kind of image.  Yes it has it’s place…as a women we all want to be seen as sexy…however…what ever happened to beautiful…what ever happened to the image that captured you with more than HOT?  Does society no longer enjoy an image that pulls you in, makes you think…why?…and keeps you coming back.  What happened to loving the art of it all?

I posted these two images…One being what they call “Medical Fashion Photography” and the other a fashion image with a cigarette as a prop.  And boy was I shocked at which one pulled the audiences attention more than the other!

Braces are Beautiful Series

Braces are Beautiful Series


The comments confused me somewhat.  I honestly thought that the shot with the headgear would have more people talking.  Thought that the mere site of me in this vice would stir up some kind of emotion and while it got fair comment and some very positive ones at that, I guess I was just expecting more.  This is definitely not your run of the mill image…it’s an image of something that most people would much rather avoid ever having to wear.  Something I myself would not particularly like to show off in public.  From experience it is not a comfortable get up and anyone who has had to wear one for actual medical reasons would probably say they hated the thing.  So for these reasons I thought it would evoke more.





Then there’s the fashion image with the cigarette…this is only one from the series.  I have actually posted another but both got much the same reaction.   TABOO!   More people were shocked at this image than at the previous.  It’s kind of mind boggling.  Now I know that tobacco advertising has been band and that smoking is bad for you’re health ect…in fact I am not a smoker.  I agree that it’s a horrid habit that people struggle to quit.  However…as a model…sometimes to make an image great we add props.  I received comments questioning my integrity.  hahaha…honestly.   People said it was not attractive and other’s disagreed.  All in all…I loved the emotions it stirred up  because it meant that for a change people were looking beyond the skin and were discussing the image.  It provoked thought.  I may not have agreed with all the comments but I surprisingly enjoyed that people were looking past simply what I look like and more at the image as a whole.

So now I’m keen to do more…I am enjoying the shock tactics.  hahaha


All in all I have come to the realisation that bondage and seeing people in metal vices has become ok and things that once were fashionable and now taboo causes a stir.  LOL…I am excited at this new era…and I am going to play on this a little more in the near future just because I can!  😀

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My Revolution

Why do people feel the need to pressurize others just because society says it should be a certain way?  We are expected to live up to all sorts of expectations and rules.  According to society standards you’re meant to be coupled, married and having children by a certain age or there is something wrong with you.  By a certain age your are meant to be stable in some mundane career that makes you miserable but you stand it cause in the eyes of society you’ve made it.

Well I don’t think I conform to any of these standards…and to be honest I don’t want to.  Life is so much more than just the norm.  I’m 28 years old and I’ve been dating the love of my life since I was 18.  No we are not engaged and are in no real rush to get married or to have children.  And not because either of us don’t want that…we do…just not now.  Yes it may seem SHOCKING to some…but I don’t really care…I’m happy…isn’t that all that matters after all.  I have a younger sister who has married and has a child on the way…well good for her…her choice after all.  Unfortunately I am now being looked at to make the next move into this “normal” way of life…and I find myself resenting society’s part in this.

I currently work for the bank of Athens and while it’s a good job that pays well…it is not where my passions lie and so once again I refuse to accept that this is it.  I run my photography business on the side while at the same time running my own online magazine.  I love the  feeling of doing something that comes naturally to me…something that makes me happy while I’m doing it…not frustrated and bored.  While I’m not stupid enough to simply leave a job that is paying me a steady salary…I’m also not crazy enough to accept that it’s the be all and end all and working hard to make my own path so that I don’t have to work for anyone else one of these fine days.

The point is…I LOVE my life.   Every aspect of it…because everything I’m doing is my choice alone.  Society has no say in the way I live.

I am rebelling…I’m making my own way in this world…No boundaries…no rules! 😉
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